May 30, 2024

This Iconic 1966 Lotus Cortina Mk1 Doesn’t Come Cheap at All

Back in the 1960s, there were carmakers that really knew how to build a car that would become really iconic displays with the passing of time, and the Lotus Cortina is considered to be one of those symbols of the twentieth century.

We are dealing here with a 1966 Lotus Cotrina Mk1 which was built in a joint venture between Ford and Lotus. At that time, it was quite frequent seeing two competitors shaking hands and building special models.

The production of this particular model started in 1963 and ended in 1970, the model coming with an exclusive body styling and an engine that used to be a real killer back then.

As we can depict from the photos, we are dealing here with a fully-restored Lotus Cortina, in a pristine condition and standing out from the crowd with a white body styling with green stripes, the same one wrapping the old-timer. Some of the models also came out with the specific Ford racing accents with dark blue stripe, but this one is wrapping the green stripe, which is a common of taste.

Inside, the 1966 Lotus Cortina`s cabin is also restored, now tweaking black leather seats, wood-trimmed steering wheel, all the restored-elements reminding us of the original interior.

In the engine department, the classic model came with a 1,557 cc engine, which was pretty common at that time, with the rest of the mechanics also being restored. It took the former owner more that 15 years to make it shine again, so the asking price of this Cortina on eBay is $77,323. From where I stand, this is a common sense price tag, it should be priced at least twice that price!

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