April 20, 2024

Kawasaki and Yamaha owners will get new Avon tires

Avon Cobra Tires

Owners of several Kawasaki and Yamaha choppers might feel a bit spoiled after Avon announced their new Cobra tires.

And this is not your average bike tire, either, as Avon incorporated their very own technology into making it.

Avon Cobra Tires
Avon Cobra Tires

Specifically, their Force Following Grooves are present on the product. According to Avon, this new tech will improve the life of the tires, thanks to the shape and placement of the grooves. Said grooves will help in a better dissipation of energy transmitted to the tires by the ground.

The energy will be more evenly distributed along the tire surface, reducing the wear and tear. Maneuverability is also slightly improved thanks to the Cobra tires shape.

For Kawasaki bikes, the Cobra tires come in MT90B16 (front) and 170/70R16 (rear) size, and are available for the next models: VN Vulcan 1600 Classic 2005 – present, VN Vulcan 1700 Nomad and VN 1700 Voyager 2008 – present and VN Vulcan 1700 Classic/ LT/ Tourer 2008 – present. For the VN Vulcan 1600 Nomad 2005 – present model, the Cobra tires will also be available in 150/80R16 (front) and 170/70R16 (rear) size.

If you are a Yamaha owner, the Cobra tires will be available in 130/70R18 (front) and 170/70R16 (rear) size just for the XVS V Star 950 Midnight Star/Tourer 2009 – present model.

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