May 26, 2024

Koenigsegg One:1 Pops-Up in Monaco

One of the photographers from Motor1 auto magazine has recently managed to grab a couple of photos with the extraordinary Koenigsegg One:1 cruising the streets of fancy Monaco.

The model looks exquisite and gorgeous at the same time, providing an aggressive and mean attitude. It is so wonderfully built and packs one of the most advanced aerodynamics in the world at the moment. Not to mention the sheer performance under the hood.

The model in question is one of the fewest available on the market at the moment, with a price tag of more than $6 million, which is way too high than the asking price of $2.85 million. This one comes with number 00 and belongs to Carina Lima, a regular Instagram user who posts lots of photos with her supercar. This gorgeous Koenigsegg One:1 is available for sale through SuperVettura, which is an exclusive dealership in Britan.

As you probably know already, the outstanding Koenigsegg One:1 was first launched in 2014 at the Geneva Motor Show, the hypercar coming as the successor of the Agera, packing a massive 5.0-liter V8 engine with whopping 1,360 horsepower and weighing just 2,998 pounds.

The enormous power allows for one of the most outstanding performance figures. We are looking here at a straight line from 0 to 100 km/h achieved in a mind-blowing 2.8 seconds, at a top speed of 300 km/h, achieved as well in a world record of 17.95 seconds.

You can find out more about this exquisite and rare Koenigsegg One:1 hypercar in the media gallery below. Enjoy and don`t forget to share your opinions with us!

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