April 16, 2024
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Mansory G Couture Detailed

It costs half a million dollars , there are only 7 in the world and it has a SLR technique, I’m talking about the Mansory G Couture of course and now is also available in Romania at the same price. The origin of this Mansory G Couture is a G55 AMG, a very competent SUV in the standard formula.

Those from Mansory were not satisfied with small changes, they wanted a unique and impressive design so they dressed it in carbon fiber, they modified a little bit the original design changing the grille, thresholds, they also changed the spoilers and added 23 inch wheels with unique design. With all of those the result is the most eccentric off road model ever made.

At this point maybe you are thinking that design is not enough for half a million dollars, and you are right. For that price Mansory G Couture provides very high performance. Those standard 507 horsepower were increased up to 700 horsepower and the torque was also increased up to 880 Nm. The interior matches the exterior, is dressed in carbon fiber.

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