May 20, 2024

Maybach updates entire range

2011 Maybach Range

Maybach have just unveiled some updates to its line of exclusive products. While the products themselves don’t vary they are now a bit more distinctive.

2011 Maybach Range
2011 Maybach Range

The 2011 models of the extremely luxurious Daimler brand feature that the 57, 57s, 62, 62s will all get a few slight modifications.

Maybach are very pleased with their product the first time over, and rightly so, they’re cars are exquisite and amazing feats of engineering. When your products are this good first time out, you don’t change recipes completely, you simply tweak them slightly.

The slight tweaks the Maybach range has got features a new grille (now different between the standard and S version), hood, tail lights and door mirrors. These minor updates may be considered simply cosmetic but you’d be wrong as they also help the cars achieve even less wind noise. This is remarkable as the cars are already as quiet as, well actually, less quiet then mice.

Under that new bonnet the Germans have tweaked the V12 a bit as well and what you now get is a bit more fuel economy, a bit less pollution and, for S version only, an extra 18 horsepower.

Still Maybach get amazing interiors as now you can pick from a new set of options such as a 19 inch rear screen monitor, a perfume atomizer from the Zeppelin model, wireless connectivity and seat piping either braided or embedded with ever more popular Swarovski crystals.

2011 Maybach 2011 Maybach 2011 Maybach

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