April 18, 2024
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Mercedes “Gentle” Pagoda by Vilner Studio

Vilner Mercedes Gentle Pagoda

Vilner Tuning is a Bulgarian company that have set up shop very recently and they’ve only really come on to the international tuning scene a couple of years ago.

Despite their recent appearance in the public eye, they’ve managed to come up with a list of pretty impressive cars and a new one just joined the list.

Vilner Mercedes Gentle Pagoda
Vilner Mercedes Gentle Pagoda

If you’re wondering what’s so special about this one it’s the fact that the car tuned this time is a very old one, contradicting the age of the company.

The car in question is called the Gentle Pagoda and it started out as an iconic car for the three pointed star, the Mercedes SL Pagoda.

As fitting for classic cars, nobody messed around with the performance, the handling, the equipment or anything of the likes.

Vilner Mercedes Gentle Pagoda
Vilner Mercedes Gentle Pagoda

The only changes Vilner Studio made were where focused around the look and feel of the interior and exterior. Before you get worried, they didn’t add any spoilers or carbon fiber trim.

Everything they’ve done was make the Mercedes Pagoda feel and look like a jewelry case. That means there’s soft and pleasant colors, tasteful materials and superb quality.

For all the greatness the Mercedes SL Pagoda had at the time, it doesn’t really cut the mustard for a luxury feel anymore. With the new updates it certainly feels that way.

Vilner Mercedes Gentle Pagoda
Vilner Mercedes Gentle Pagoda

The remarkable side of the way Vilner updated the interior of the Pagoda is the fact that they’ve made everything actually look old.

None of the leather feels too “new” and the aluminium seems to have aged as well. How could you not like something like that.

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