June 25, 2024

Mercedes WaWe10

This is a very cool car and I wouldn’t expect to come from the luxury brand Mercedes-Benz but we see that it happened. I would expect from this car to be a hybrid because this type of cars (big cars – trucks) are one of the biggest problems in the climate change.

As you can see, this is not a hybrid car and at the same time, it is not a luxury car but it is still a cool car because it has a diesel engine and not a gasoline engine which helps this big car to use less fuel and it is also very good at what it was built to do.

It can spread the water with 1,400 gallon per minute which is pretty good and it can also do this while recharging from a hydrant. Anyway, it comes with a very big price, more than how big is this car: $1.3 million

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