April 21, 2024

All-New 2017 Ford Fiesta ST Comes with New Body Wrap, No Significant Changes Announced

Ford has recently announced the availability of the gorgeous 2017 Fiesta ST on the market, the hot hatch now coming tweaked with a new color and rather the same characteristics as the previous model.

The North American carmaker is proud to officially announce that the new Fiesta ST is the best model presently found on the compact market, the model coming with impressive performance and mechanics.

The new Fiesta ST is also available with a new colour, which is the Orange Spice Metallic Tri-Coat, the carmaker also offering a free driving instruction day from the ST Octane Academy at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah.

The car features a lot of sporty tweaks, like lowered chassis, updated suspension, bigger brakes, electronic torque vectoring system for improved steering as well as a three-mode electronic stability control.

In the engine department, the all-new 2017 Ford Fiesta ST is equipped with the same 1.6-liter turbocharged EcoBoost, developing 197 horsepower and 202 lb of torque hooked to six-speed manual transmission. Concerning the car`s powertrain, Mark Roberts, Fiesta calibration supervisor, has also described the car`s torque capabilities:

“This is a rewarding car to rev. With 202 lb.-ft. by 3,500 rpm, Fiesta ST gives the performance and feel of an engine twice its size. There’s no waiting at all for the power to just push you back in your seat.”

Prices with the all-new Fiesta ST will be announced in a couple of weeks.

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