April 17, 2024

Nissan GT-R from Cobra Technology & Lifestyle

Nissan GT-R

The people from Cobra Technology & Lifestyle have created their own version of the Nissan GT-R, called the Cobra N+.

The factory model is great enough and it manages to produce 485 hp. With the tuned version, the Nissan GT-R will develop around 550 horse power easily. With the new turbocharged engine it will also reach speeds in excess of 320km/h and it will take only 3.5 seconds to get to 100km/h from a stand still. At the design department, the car received 21” rims and an impressive front apron. You should also notice the new decals and muffler tips. Cobra Technology & Lifestyle have also though of getting the right interior and it can be customized according to the buyer’s needs.

In the end, I say that they’ve managed to get a great car and make it better. What do you think?

Nissan GT-RNissan GT-RNissan GT-R

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