May 18, 2024
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Opel debuts new 1.0-liter SIDI Turbo engine

Opel 1.0-liter SIDI Turbo

Opel released details and photos for a new 1.0-liter engine which will debut on the Adam model starting next year. The 1.0-liter SIDI Turbo is a three-cylinder petrol unit made of a die-cast aluminum block.

It uses continuously variable valve timing, direct injection and a twin displacement oil pump.

Opel 1.0-liter SIDI Turbo
Opel 1.0-liter SIDI Turbo

The tiny engine is capable to produce 115 horsepower and 166Nm of torque. As mentioned above, the new Opel Adam will be the first model to benefit from this new petrol engine, in the 2014 model year version.

“In developing this small engine, we not only set out to minimize fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, we also wanted to demonstrate that three cylinders can be just as refined as four or more,” says the company.

More details will be released by the German carmaker next month as it is scheduled to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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