April 15, 2024
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Opel GT Concept Released in First Official Photos

Opel has recently released the first official photos and a bunch of details with its latest creation, the GT Concept, a model which connects the future with the past.

There are a lot of design clues which give away the traditional and vintage allure of the Opel concepts first introduced in the 1960s, this one borrowing the curvy roofline, short overhang, long bonnet or twin central tailpipes.

Another interesting body element that reveals the Opel`s extraordinary history, is the red front tires, reminding us of the Opel motorcycle from 1928.

But the past connects the future, an idea highlighted by the concept`s IntelliLux LED matrix lighting technology, wide doors with integrated side windows, which announces the obvious and imminent change from glass to painted surface.

Unfortunately for some of us, the GT Concept does not come with impressive performance, the model packing a 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo engine, the same one seen on the new Adam. The engine is positioned in the middle and delivers the torque to the rear wheels. We don’t know what kind of power it develops at the moment, but we do know that it is capable of reaching 100 km/h in less than 8.0 seconds, at a topping of 215 km/h.

Stay tuned for further details, meanwhile enjoy the impressive photo gallery with the Opel GT Concept and don’t forget that your opinion does count!

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