April 15, 2024
Seat Tuning

RDX RaceDesign bodykit for Seat Ibiza

German tuners at RDX RaceDesign created another tuning kit, this time for the Ibizia Spanish model from Seat. After modifying the Volkswagen Scirocco, we posted an article few days ago about this, you can see it here, the German tuners decided to create a bodykit for Seat Ibiza, this bodykit improves significant the car’s appearance for a price of just 671 euro.

Seat Ibiza by RDX RaceDesign

This tuning kit is regrading just to the aesthetic level, it includes a redesigned front spoiler with some air intakes. There’s a spoiler on the roof and also a new rear bumper was mounted. New side sills were mounted by the German tuners and a variety of wheels are available for this tuning kit. We may notice that the wheels are not included in the tuning kit price of 671 euro.

Seat Ibiza by RDX RaceDesign

This tuning kit developed by RDX RaceDesign is available for all types of bodykit that Ibiza model is manufactured and the customers that will buy this tuning kit will receive a two years warranty in case if something goes wrong with the kit.

Seat Ibiza by RDX RaceDesign
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