June 15, 2024

Rear wheels steering for Sabertooth trikes

Sabertooth Motorcycles

In certain groups, motorcycle riders are viewed as organ donors, an euphemism outlining how dangerous they really are.

Some truth to that actually exists, as it is harder to walk away unhurt from a bike crash than from a car crash.

Sabertooth Motorcycles
Sabertooth Motorcycles

Besides bikes, there are also trikes that tend to label their riders in a similar fashion, and while they might seem safer, it seems they are not really much better than bikes. In corners, especially, they tend to destabilize much quicker than a two wheel machine.

However, there is now a solution that will help keep trikes upright for longer, and it comes from Sabertooth, a company that hasn’t really made its name known throughout yet. Their solution comes in the form of rear wheels steering, which they patented, but also a nice set of DynaGrip Active Suspensions.

A third party test will be required before we believe this solution to be as effective as the manufacturer claims, but should it work, I think it will propel Sabertooth forwards, improving its sales figures and also its image.

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