June 17, 2024
Electric Cars

Reva NXR is going to be available soon

Here we talk again about a small car or to say in other way, about a city car, this time coming from an auto maker that I think that most of you never heard about it namely Reva and the car is named NXR and you should also know by now that it is an electric car.

You should know that this is an Indian auto maker and I think that it will compete with the Tata Nano. You should also know that it can reach only 65 miles per hour but I think is more than enough for such a small and cool city car.

Also, you should know that the lead acid version will cost 9,995 euros so from what I think, this is quite a big price and I don’t really know why are people calling this a low cost car because from what I think, this is quite a big price.

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