February 3, 2023
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How to Choose The Best Car for You 

There might be some big difference between the car you are dreaming of and the one that is most practical for your needs. Often dream cars are either big and flashy or little sports numbers. But what is most practical is a reliable brand with 4-6 seats, a good-sized trunk, and reasonable gas mileage.  So, […]

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Which Jeep is Right For You?

So, you’ve decided to buy a Jeep. That makes sense since the storied brand has much to offer in terms of adventure, dependability, and versatility. Hearkening back nearly eight decades, beginning in World War II, Jeep has made its mark on the nation’s psyche. Nowadays, you have several Jeeps from which to choose. But which […]

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Buying Guide: What Fees Should You Pay for a New Car?

You may be shocked to find that you will be expected to pay more than you bargained for when buying a new car at the dealership. Don’t be quick to accuse them of being shrewd; there are actual regional and state fees that the law requires you to pay. However, these fees vary between states, […]

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