May 25, 2024

US & Canada: 2018 Chevrolet Equinox – Prices Unveiled

I simply love what the Chevrolet carmaker has done with the all-new Equinox SUV; it is simply magnificent, providing an exceptional design and strong personality, thanks to the new and much more aggressive design lines. The model was recently announced for the United States market, the SUV kicking off from $24,475, while in Canada, it

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Auto Shows Chevrolet

2016 Los Angeles Auto Show: Chevrolet Announces 2018 Equinox with Latest Safety Features

The 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show is on a full swing with a lot of carmakers to present their latest prototypes and concepts. Chevrolet is also present with an interesting fleet, amongst which the 2018 Equinox SUV stands out from the rest with a plethora of safety gizmos, imposing design and interesting powertrains under the

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Buick confirm compact sedan and crossover

Buick is a brand that’s in the middle of a revolution and seems to soldier on with it. The Buick LaCrosse leads the way and the upcoming Regal should pave it. Seeing these great cars revive the spirit of Buick, their marketing director labels the revolution as “a timeless proposition of understated luxury“.

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