February 9, 2023
Bentley Luxury Cars

Bentley Forecasted Huge Sales for 2014, Ends in Slow Motion

All chiefs from the Bentley British based luxury manufacturer announced huge sales for 2014, but now the company is expecting to end the year in a draw back. We are talking about relaxed sales for the rest of the year, even if Wolfgang Duerheimer, the CEO at Bentley, is still predicting “double-digit [sales volume] growth […]

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Audi Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz outsells Audi

It would seem that Audi’s plans for world domination (of car sales, of course) will be put on hold for a while as not only did they not manage to outsell BMW but something else, rather peculiar, has happened. The homeland rivals took away their number two spot in the luxury car makers by outselling […]

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