May 30, 2024
Featured Land Rover

2017 Range Rover Evoque Is Officially Launched in India

The British carmaker Land Rover has recently announced the introduction of the all-new 2017 Range Rover Evoque in India, the model being available in the diesel variant, which now costs INR 49.10. We are looking here at the facelfited version of the present Range Rover Evoque, the model bringing new engines, while the visuals remain

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Auto Shows Concept Cars Hyundai

Hyundai Carlino Crossover Breaks Cover at the 2016 Auto Expo in India

Hyundai has been presented at the 2016 Auto Expo, in India with an interesting lineup, one of the standout models being the Carlino crossover concept. The Hyundai Carlino crossover concept was built as the main competitor of the Ford EcoSport, measuring around four meters and coming with an extremely evolutionary design. The styling cues reveal

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2016 Volkswagen Ameo Sedan Launched in India

Volkswagen has recently unveiled the 2016 Ameo Sedan ahead the 2016 Auto Expo in India, the model reaching local dealerships on the second half of the year. As expected and not too fancy to look at, the 2016 Volkswagen Ameo was specifically built for the Indian market, the model standing on the company`s older PQ25

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India Welcomes the One-Off Mercedes-AMG GT

Mercedes is planning to introduce the high-end model Mercedes-AMG GT in India, where it will arrive somewhere at the end of the year. Moreover, the German based carmaker is also considering expanding the Chakahn factory, with around 20,000 units to be manufactured every year. The Mercedes-AMG GT will be unveiled at a local event in

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Auto Shows Lamborghini Supercars

Lamborghini Huracan Available in India

The Lamborghini Italian based supercar maker has recently announced the presence of the Huracan model in India, coming with a base price of 340,000 GBP, plus taxes. The Lamborghini Huracan will be very successful in India, as the supercar is highly valued by the Indian people, especially since the company sold around 14 units in

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Triumph motorcycle builder reaches India

If there is a market that any bike maker shouldn’t miss out on, then the Indian market is it. With such a large population crammed into so little space, using a motorcycle in urban areas is pretty much the only way to actually get around. Recently, British bike maker Triumph officially declared India open for

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Land Rover

Land Rover Defender replacement to be built in India

There are a few things about the British car making industry that no matter how much time passes by will remain the same. Plenty of them have, died off along with most of the automotive industry but some live on. Rolls Royce doesn’t compete with anybody yet makes the best luxury car, Morgan will make,

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Suzuki Swift turned into a sedan in India

The Indian market is, well, special. For a country under serious economic boom, it’s not exactly filling up with Rolls Royce models and other land barges. That said, manufacturers all over the world are working themselves overtime in order to bring the Indians newer, more modern cars and larger cars altogether. A prime example of

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Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover to miss out on Detroit Motor Show

The British at Jaguar Land Rover have confirmed their plans for the Detroit Motor Show. Actually, they’ve confirmed the lack of plans for the American event. Neither of the alliance members will display any of their products in Motown and while it’s a little sad, it’s not that big a loss for the show. What

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Tata’s Nano can be expensive, VERY expensive

Albeit quiet for some time now, the Indian Tata Nano is still the cheapest new car money can buy nowadays. Certainly, it’s far from desirable but at least it’s great value. With a considerable amount of boredom thrown around, an even larger amount money on hand courtesy of Gold Plus jewelry stores we find ourselves

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Ferrari opens dealership in India

Emerging markets are always a great target for every sort of production company and nowadays even luxury car makers want a piece of them. One of the clearest of examples is Ferrari’s new dealership, the one they opened today in India. As one of these emerging India has quite the market potential on a short

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2011 Toyota Etios revealed and headed for India

It’s no longer news that the Asian market is in a state of booming sales. That’s what China has been for for just over a year. India on the other hand has just started attracting major manufacturers to it. The latest of them to develop a car specifically for the Indian market is Toyota.

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Tata plans to bring Jaguar home

Ever since the Indians at Tata took over the struggling British company things have turned around. Jaguar’s new cars were actually new. Technology was once again showed off and the big cats were beginning to keep up with the competition.

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Mahindra pickups won’t see U.S. soil until December

It would seem that people who were waiting for the small diesel pickups made in India will have to keep on waiting as their launch date has been pushed back to December 2010. This is the fourth time these pickups are postponed and the original American launch date has now grown past an year’s delay

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Nissan Tata

Nissan’s upcoming rival for the Tata Nano

Nissan has announced back in 2009 that it will be bringing forward a competitor for the Tata Nano at an equivalent price. Recently however Carlos Ghosn, Renault and Nissan CEO, has announced that the subcompact is not only expected to rival the cheap Nano but also to increase company profits.

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