June 14, 2024
Ford Muscle Cars

LEGO to Produce 1968 Ford Mustang Set

When you think of the 1968 Ford Mustang, you think of a historic vehicle that has left quite an important legacy for the always evolving automotive industry. It is a vehicle most collectors want to own. It is as beautiful as it is legendary. Thinking about this, Ford has decided to partner with the famous

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Land Rover

LEGO built Land Rover Defender 110

We love it when manufacturers come up with cars that are aimed at the enthusiast. We also love it when the enthusiast takes on making cars. In this situation however we’re faced with a weird mix. It’s the automotive enthusiast building a very advanced toy. Using nothing but LEGO, the creator has built a replica

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Ford’s Explorer made in a completely different way

As James May once said, the car has been with us for well over a hundred years and while in that time it has been evolving nicely, it’s hardly ever changed. Ford has been with us for the best part of that period and they’ve produced some of the most important and revolutionary cars out

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