May 28, 2024
McLaren Tuning

McLaren 650S with Wide Aero Body Kit by Liberty Walk

McLaren supercar and Liberty Walk tuning company have a long history together, the aftermarket specialists from Japan achieving exquisite and remarkable tuning programs that would chance the entire concept of a an aftermarket program for good. Liberty Walk has created what others have never achieved, fine-tuning McLaren supercars with extremely wide aero kits that would

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BMW M4 with LB Aero Kit by ADV.1 Wheels

The BMW M4 is popping-up into the spotlights thanks to a styling program carried out by the engineers from ADV.1 Wheels tuner, involving an impressive Liberty Walk wide kit. We all know what a Liberty Walk kit means – it makes a car look extremely aggressive with the plethora of imposing body parts – and

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Audi Auto Shows Supercars

Liberty Walk Audi R8 Unveiled ahead 2015 SEMA Motor Show

The Liberty Walk tuner has recently presented their latest tuning project carried out on the Audi R8 in a premiere, the model being already unveiled ahead the 2015 SEMA Motor Show. This Audi R8 with a Liberty Walk body kit is standing out from the crowd with unique features, like the flared front, wheel arches,

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Ferrari Tuning

Ferrari 458 Italia Liberty Walk Sits on PUR Wheels

Liberty Walk has done it again, this time the tuning division turning its head on the Ferrari 458 Italia, the sports car receiving some new body parts and a new set of wheels, which make it mind-blowing. And this Ferrari 458 Italia Liberty Walk does look smashing, thanks to the new body elements, such as

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