January 27, 2023

Tesla reports massive fourth quarter losses

Like the Americans at Tesla aren’t very good with time. It seems like they’ve been riddled with delays and cancellations since forever. Despite this, when it comes to financial announcements they seem to have quite a firm grasp on the idea of making things sound good. Just a day after they announced the enormous success […]

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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo SUV weighs a lot in the company’s future

Are you ready for another disappointment from one of the petrolheads favorite Italian brands? As far as Alfa Romeo is concerned if the company is to have a proper chance at the future, their upcoming SUV has to deliver the goods and sell like hot cakes.

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Ford’s new products help Russian partner Sollers with finances

Even though Ford has been pretty much keeping a lid on actual sales figures they’ve been managing lately, it’s clear these aren’t small. We got our first hints from the Ford F-150 EcoBoost sales rushing up and from the Fiesta being top seller in Europe but somehow that didn’t seem substantiated enough.

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