May 26, 2024

Mercedes CL65 AMG facelift photos and details revealed

The facelifted version of Mercedes CL65 AMG got revealed by the Germans from Stuttgart and it comes with various technology features such as Active Body Control suspensions, Direct Steer, SplitView and Torque Vectoring Brake. Returning to the main details, the revised German model gets the modified V12 twin-turbo engine with a capacity of 6 liters,

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Mercedes Tuning

The Facelifted CL65 AMG received a facelift from Expression Motorsport tuners

Expression Motorsport tuners decided to create their vision on the Mercedes CL65 AMG, the facelift version, to be more exactly. This tuning package is regarding just to the aesthetic level, the performance part being left untouched. The tuners from Expression Motorsport decided that the current performance of the Mercedes CL65 AMG facelift are quite enough,

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