April 24, 2024
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How to Ensure Insurance Paid Auto Accident Repairs Will Be Satisfactory?

You pay a lot of money for an automobile, and you want your insurer to take good care of it if it ever gets damaged in a crash. Proper repairs and value depreciation have been drawing attention in the press lately. You can find some shocking videos showing how bad a vehicle has been fixed

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Toyota recall makes a comeback

Somehow, Toyota can’t manage to avoid the previous problems, especially when it comes to mentioning legal repercussions of the unintended acceleration situation. Boy did I ever say that politically. Toyota screwed up big time and they paid through the nose for it.

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President Obama stated the auto industry bailout was paid off

President Barack Obama said that the bailouts that the government funded for the American automotive industry had paid off. The announcement made it to the public via the president’s Web address last Saturday.

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