May 20, 2024
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Canoo Set to Compete Against Tesla’s Cybertruck With Their Own EV Truck

The race to reign the EV pickup truck market is on and Tesla is one of the top three contenders. However, the company should be wary of contenders who are looking to grab the top spot. Canoo is one EV startup that is looking to threaten Tesla with their all-electric truck. Canoo has come up

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Australia: Mercedes-Benz G300 CDI Pickup Costs at least AUD $119,900

There is a lot of activity going on these days in Australia, with a lot of carmakers to present their latest hot rides in first official videos and reviews. One of these is Mercedes-Benz, which has announced the arrival of the G300 CDI pickup truck. Once it will officially arrive in dealership in early 2017,

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Fiat Toro Lineup Gets First Preview at the 2016 Sao Paolo Motor Show

The 2016 Sao Paolo Motor Show now being live for different carmakers that will introduce their new concepts on the South American market, starting next year, is a good opportunity for Fiat manufacturer to present their Toro lineup, which comprises some interesting models, like the Toro Freedom Flex or the Black Jack Edition. First to

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2016 SEMA Show: Colorado ZH2 Joins Chevy`s Lineup

Chevrolet is one of the fewest carmakers to have brought an entire fleet of models at the 2016 SEMA Show, held in Las Vegas, and besides the bespoke Camaro prototypes, another standout hot ride is the all-new ZH2, an exceptional military vehicle which runs on hydrogen cell fuel and featuring exquisite driving characteristics. We are

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Leaked Image Indicates Future 2018 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Truck

Ram pickups built under Dodge are the most appreciated in the entire world, the entire lineup being extremely well-received in the United States and not only. At the beginning of the week, there were some pictures leaked with the all-new Grand Wagner and future Wrangler, the photos being published on In addition to those

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Is This the Future Mercedes-Benz GLT Ute?

We have recently seen some future high-end models from Mercedes-Benz being sent for testing at the Ring or on the roads, like the future E-Class Coupe. But the German carmaker is also paying a lot of special attention to its utes models, with a high-end pickup truck getting a lot of interest from the media

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Updated 2017 Chevy Colorado Unveiled in Brazil, Gains New Front Fascia

The North American based Chevrolet has recently introduced the all-new 2017 Colorado in Brazil, at Agrishow event, the model being available with new body styling elements and an interesting choice of engines under the hood. We are dealing here with an updated version of the current Chevy Colorado, the truck now coming with a revised

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Fiat`s Toro Pickup Launched in Fresh Pic

Fiat`s Toro pickup truck is back into our spotlights with a fresh new pic, which reveals the model`s rear end. The Fiat Toro pickup is showcased here with a split tailgate, while the opening mechanism hides the Fiat Logo. On the other hand, the photo is also highlighting the Toro`s taillights flowing into the rear

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2016 Audi Q7 Pickup Truck Launched in Rendering

The gorgeous 2016 Audi Q7 is popping up in our news again, this time with the model being seen in a rendering, which is showcasing a pickup truck body style. The rendering is signed by the famous and only Theophilus Chin, who seems to play around with different models. Mind that this is just an

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Auto Shows Chevrolet Concept Cars

Chevrolet Colorado Sport Concept ready to Face 2014 SEMA Motor Show

The Chevrolet North American based carmaker is ready to launch the long-expected Colorado Sport Concept at the 2014 SEMA Motor Show. At the show, the Chevrolet Colorado Sport Concept is announced to wonder its audience, with a one-off design and interesting features it packs for an off-road pickup. Tony Johnson, the marketing manager at Chevrolet,

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New-gen Mitsubishi L200 Sets the Base for Future Fiat Pickup

The recent partnership between Mitsubishi and Fiat have led to a series of expanding car manufacturing plans, one of them regarding the future L200, which will influence the future Fiat pickup trucks. According to their partnership, Fiat will be the one carmaker developing its own pickup truck, based on the Mitsubishi L200, presuming competing against

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Dodge Ram’s Runner Kit Shows Off

Dodge have a good thing going with the Ram, it’s a nice middle of the road solution for your average pickup truck buyer. When Ford didn’t have enough of stabbing at the Ram and launched the F-150 SVT Raptor, they made Dodge angry who responded by building the Runner Kit.

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Jeep are considering a re-entry to the pickup segment

The Chrysler subsidiary company, Jeep, have announced indirectly that they are considering a possible comeback to the very popular segment of pickups. This announcement came packed in within a discussion Mike Manley, President and CEO of the Jeep Brand had with an interviewer from

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Mahindra pickups won’t see U.S. soil until December

It would seem that people who were waiting for the small diesel pickups made in India will have to keep on waiting as their launch date has been pushed back to December 2010. This is the fourth time these pickups are postponed and the original American launch date has now grown past an year’s delay

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Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Chrysler recalls 40000 vehicles

Chrysler Group LLC isn’t having the best of luck overall and this is just another blow to the company image as a defect that is related to the ignition is making for a recall. The problem apparently is that the cars allow the removal of the key from the ignition before the car is shifted

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Peugeot Hoggar

Peugeot have taken the wraps of the Hoggar, this is a pint-sized pickup designed, produced and destined to be sold in Brazil. The Hoggar name has been used by Peugeot quite some time ago when they released a buggy concept seating two, back in 2003.

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Ford Raptor 6.2 goes on sale and has already clocked up 3000 orders

The Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is an impressive machine but some if it’s biggest fans haven’t bought it. They’ve been holding off for something that Ford has just made available, the option of a 6.2 liter V8 engine. This new engine has a truckload of power in the form of 411 horsepower and 434 lb-feet

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