June 19, 2024

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 – Prices Revealed in Europe

The Chevrolet North American based car manufacturer has recently announced the prices for the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette ZO6 in Europe, where the model will become available at its dealerships, starting next spring. Surprisingly, the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 will cost a lot in Europe, as opposed to its price tags on the North American market,

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Maybach increases prices throughout lineup

Mercedes announced, not that long ago if we’re honest, that they will finally be killing off the Maybach brand since it doesn’t make financial sense any more. Naturally, when hearing of a dying car brand, you’d expect the final products to be made to go cheap so that they can dispose of stocks and so

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Ford Muscle Cars

Ford’s Mustang 5.0 changes model year to 2012

Borrowing a cue from BMW’s efforts in updating the 1 series, Ford decided to stamp a 2012 model year on their Mustang. To be precise, Ford turned their attention to the Mustang 5.0 version, the most tasty version available.

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Next gen Civic delayed

The current Honda Civic is one of the cars that you see everyday and to be honest it’s one of my favorite looking mainstream cars. Somehow people think it’s in a big need of a redesign or a facelift. I’m not one of those guys who thinks old cars make the world go round but

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Mitsubishi Outlander facelift pricing announced

Mitsubishi’s British division have just announced some prices for the updated Japanese crossover. Along with the new prices Mitsubishi UK have also pinpointed some of the technical underpinnings of the “new” car and stated that this hestetics, as you can see for yourself, now line up with the rest of the range.

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2011 BMW 528i pricing for the US

BMW‘s new 5 series has been a recent fascination of the media especially since the pricing announced for the 2011 535i and the 2011 550i are nothing short of great value. Today they have announced that the 528i BMW that is set to go on sale in 2010 will be available for everyone who’s pockets

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Aston Martin

Photos and details about the Aston Martin DBS Carbon Black Special Edition

Here we talk again today about a luxury car or better said about a special edition for a luxury car namely the Aston Martin DBS Carbon Black Special Edition. Also, this Aston Martin DBS Carbon Black Special Edition is going to go on a seven city tour in U.S. this week. If you’re interested to

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Dacia Duster – Official Prices, Specifications and Photo gallery

Dacia debuted with success in the SUV’s segment, the new Dacia Duster is already announcing a memorable success, like the Logan model. The Romanian model have a starting price of 10,500 euros with VAT included. This day, March 2, will remain in Dacia’s history being the day when the Romanian manufacturer walked with shy but

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2010 Infiniti G Convertible prices and details

If there is a type of cars that I don’t like, those are the luxury convertible cars or to say it in other way, the cars built by luxury auto makers which are convertible or two doors model and so is happening with the car from these photos namely the 2010 Infiniti G Convertible.

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2010 Acura MDX prices

tThis SUV looks to be very luxury and at the same time very helpful because it is not small so it would not behave 100% like a SUV but at the same time I see that it has many advantages at the interior so that it will make the time while you’re driving a joy.

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Volkswagen Golf R & Scirocco R – Prices

The prices for Volkswagen Scirocco R and Volkswagen Golf R have been released and also some informations about them that you can read in this post. There is no doubt that Volkswagen Scirocco R is sexyer than Volkswagen Golf R but other people may have a different ideea.

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Prices for Suzuki Kizashi

Nobody knows for sure if the Japanese producer will sell its new sedan class in Europe, but we do our duty and let you know that if you like Kizashi, you can buy it in the U.S. at a price less than 20,000 $.

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2009 Skoda Superb – Details, Prices and Pictures

2009 Skoda Superb has a good pricing in U.K, it’s about £15,000 (18,500Euros and $24,500). Per overall, the car is very good in comparation with other cars. In the car’s interior you will see immediately a huge difference between this new Superb and the older. The new Skoda Superb has a good interior, with quality

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