May 27, 2024
Muscle Cars Porsche

Video: How about a Porsche Cayman with a V8 Rear Mid-Engine from Ford Mustang?

It is absolutely amazing what people can do with their cars when they have enough money to buy an exclusive island in the Emirates. And what better example of tweaking your sports car with an engine borrowed from an American muscle car! Well, it seems that the owner of this Porsche Cayman who got tired

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Auto Shows McLaren Videos

Watch two McLaren P1s Showing Off on Track at Essen

Two impressive hypercars McLaren P1 were caught on video while taking place at a track event, in Essen. The two McLaren P1s seen in the video are showcased in a complete display of power, while racing on the track, managing to attract a lot of cameras as well as some curious eyes. To be a

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Pagani Huayra and Pepsi in Commercial

A Pagani Huayra in blue finish was recently in the spotlights in a commercial along with the famous Pepsi Company in Milano, Italy. The Pagani Huayra seems to be very wanted in the US, after appearing on the screen on different occasions, as well as on the upcoming Transformers 4 movie. But until the upcoming

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