February 9, 2023

Yet another Mini Concept, the Rocketman

Not wanting to be outdone in Geneva by Fiat’s Gucci 500 entry, the British at Mini came up with a new concept. It’s called the Mini Rocketman and it’s much more of a rival to the Fiat 500 than you’d imagine as it’s the smallest modern Mini to come along in a while.

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Land Rover

2010 Range Rover Q-VR Concept

This weekend at the 10th biennial Dubai International Motor Show, there has been a very special presentation of a new Range Rover concept car. The very special luxury concept is the work of Design Q, a British design company that specializes in all things for people who aren’t all men.

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Chevrolet General Motors

Chevrolet Volt MPV5

The Chevrolet Volt MPV has now gone from drawings to reality. It’s not grown a bit of a longer name but other than that it’s pretty much as expected.

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The new Seat Alhambra has been revealed

The unveiling of the new 2011 Seat Alhambra took place today and we have to report that there are no surprises, it’s almost entirely a Volkswagen Sharan. We know these cars share platform, but can’t they come with more differences other than the obvious?

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General Motors

Nasa sends GM co-developed products to space

The headline is not made up, this is actually happening as NASA announced today that humanoid robot Robonaut 2, or R2 for short, will be heading for the International Space Station. The R2 is a joint development of NASA and GM and will soon become a permanent resident of the International Space Station destined to […]

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