April 16, 2024
Featured Tesla Videos

Videos: 2020 Tesla Roadster Costs $200K, Runs from Standstill to 100 km/h in Staggering 1.9 Seconds

Tesla Motors Company from North America is well-known for its technological innovations in the auto-industry; it is practically the only carmaker with no direct opponents in the electric and plug-in hybrid segments. It is no match not even for BMW, which is desperately trying to keep up the pace. And right now, Tesla has done

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Featured Land Rover Videos

Video: Range Rover Sport SVR Is Extremely Fast on Sandy & Snowy Straight Line

Amongst the top SUVs presently available on the market today, we can definitely bet on the Range Rover Sport SVR as the fastest one on all surfaces, and that after seeing the model perform different accelerations on sand or snow. The video below put together by the British carmaker is actually the second one, after

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Audi Supercars

Video Shows Incredible Sprint of Audi S8 Plus

I am not a declared Audi fun but I have to admit that there are high-end models that really standout from the crowd with exquisite design and mighty motorizations under the hood, and the quality of the company`s products are well received and appreciated worldwide. One particular model that emphasizes the carmaker`s philosophy in delivering

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Other News

Nikola Zero electric UTV Packs Enormous Power and Comes with Impressive Sprint

The big shots from the EV market are about to receive a major blow from the start-up Nikola Motor Company, which has recently presented the long-discussed Zero electric UTV, that electric car that packs enormous power and delivers a sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in a mind-blowing time. The Nikola Motor Company is based

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