April 18, 2024

2015 Honda Civic Hatchback with Facelift but No Engine update

Honda is still making good cars nowadays, with a lot of versions being modified or receiving good manner facelift and updates. This is also the case of the 2015 Honda Civic Hatchback, which will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this year. The guilty one standing behind this update is the famous RM.Design, redefining

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Nissan Leaf gets cheaper, a lot cheaper

As anybody talking about the nature of Formula 1 or supercars will tell you, technology is expensive. Unfortunately this also translates into EVs. Since the bits that make up these exquisitely green and desirable machines for the eco-minded are quite pricey when it comes to ownership. Even the Nissan Leaf, a car built as a

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2014 Kia Sorento unveiled

Kia’s Sorento SUV has finally gotten itself the facelift that most people willing to buy a new car late this year or in 2013 are looking forward to. The design updates are pretty important, the engine lineup has been filled with new powerplants and the interior gets some new equipment. What makes the announcement particularly

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2013 Ford F-150 unveiled

You know the rule, when you’ve got a product that sells like hot cakes, you’re not going to swap out the recipe and attempt to make donuts are you? That’s the justification behind why Ford’s 2013 F-150 pickup doesn’t seem to be that much different from the generation the Blue Oval sold last year. The

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Lexus HS 250h dropped – four months ago

The news these days, they travel around the world in seconds. And it’s not just the news, the same can be said about the rumors and worries of regular folk. Stuff like this makes it remarkable to find out that the Lexus HS 250h sedan has been dropped. Not only that, the event happened in

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Cadillac SRX gets 2013 mild update

Cadillac’s presence at the New York Motor Show is bound to be mildly disappointing. Unless they’re cooking up some special treat, they don’t seem to have anything “major” to showoff there. One of their presences at the show will be the 2013 Cadillac SRX crossover. It’s a very nice car but a mild facelift isn’t

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Bugatti boss keeps us up to date on Galibier

Bugatti’s boss may have turned the production green light of the Galibier super sports sedan off but he’s still got some serious plans for it. Since the last time Bugatti’s new CEO Wolfgang Durheimer decided against the Galibier, he sent it back to the drawing board. In an interview with Autocar magazine, the big man

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Porsche unveils 2012 911 GT3 R racer

Just because Porsche’s engineers have been hard at work on rolling out the new 2012 911 and sketching out their future Ferrari beater doesn’t mean the company was overwhelmed. Their most important product for racing fans, the 911 GT3 R just got a bit of a facelift for the 2012 model year and it just

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2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250 – more of the same

Bikers, particularly Kawasaki fans, if you’re interested in the 2012 version of the Japanese manufacturer’s Ninja 250 R, there’s some less than good news coming your way. Yes, Kawasaki is still offering a new version of the bike only it’s not exactly new. The 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250 R drops the R tag from the

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McLaren’s MP4-12C to get a soul

The new McLaren supercar, the MP4-12C is genuinely fast and brilliant in every single measurable way but as early reviews have been telling us, it’s missing something. Everybody appreciates the speed, the handling, the price, the engine, the brakes and so on but I’m guessing that this is the big reason behind the sales record

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Chevrolet Corvette gets a 2012 facelift

I know people would genuinely point laser aiming guns at my point for saying this but it seems like the Chevrolet Corvette is truly related to the Honda CR-V. Hoping there will be a lot of misses, I’m going to carry on writing this piece and even justify why the mild facelift we’re getting for

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Land Rover

Land Rover finally updates Defender

Not that long ago, people used to make fun about how the British manufacturers forgot to stop making or update their cars. Most of those jokes have been wiped away by recent efforts but there’s one car that’s hardly ever changed since all the way back in 1983, it’s the Land Rover Defender of course.

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Jeep promises new Liberty for 2012

Chrysler is a tough parent to have right now. After pushing Jeep to some extent in order to create and sell the 2011 Grand Cherokee the pressure is on for another new model by next year. The model in question is Jeep’s third best selling vehicle, the Liberty SUV. A new model of this car

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