May 24, 2024

Five Ways To Upgrade Your Trustworthy Dirt Bike

You’ve had your trustworthy dirt bike for years, and you love it. You’ve been through many experiences with it, had a lot of fun, and you wouldn’t trade it for the world. Together, you move as one well-oiled machine. Hey, we’ve all been there; we all understand. No one wants to fix what isn’t broken,

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Featured Ford Tuning

Efficient Ways to Upgrade a Ford Mustang

Modern Ford Mustangs and Mustangs of the past are designed well. However, if you want to take one to the next level, this mustang mods guide will help you get started. Better Lights There are seven ways to upgrade a Mustang’s lighting. You could replace The fog lights The tail lights The headlights The puddle

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Land Rover

Superchips Upgrade the Range Rover Sport HSE and Land Rover Discovery 4

The guys at Superchips are back again with another ECU car upgrade on their belt. This time, it’s time for the Range Rover Sport HSE and the Land Rover Discovery 4, actually, since both cars feature a 3-litre TDV6 one, resulting in more performance and a better driving experience, which can only mean good news

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Mercedes Tuning

The Mercedes C63 AMG Gets an Upgrade from MEC Design

Like it or not, but the Mercedes C63 AMG although it features a massive 6.3-litre V8 engine, is kind of small in the horsepower department, with a stock 457 hp. Well, one can’t say he or she has too many power at the disposal and if a further boost is needed, a tuning company will

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Sportec Audi S5 “Stage One” Upgrade

And another piece of news regarding the car manufacturer Audi. If you happen to own (or plan to own) an Audi S5 model (at least from 2009), then take a look at what Sportec has in store for it: a “Stage One” upgrade for both the quattro coupe and the cabrio that use the V6

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Porsche Tuning

Porsche Cayenne Coupe SUV Special teaser

Here’s a pretty interesting set of renderings, mostly because these aren’t just some photo editor being bored but a teaser for the future product of a British coachbuilder. The UK-based tuning house responsible for the future two door Cayenne is called Merdad and is owned by someone who previously worked with Uwe Gemballa.

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Toyota Tuning

Toyota HiLux 3.0 D4D tuning

Yes, I am aware of how weird it sounds, after all a diesel commercial vehicle isn’t the primary target for tuning companies is it? In fact, there is quite a bit of sense and logic behind it when you consider that the “tuning” is only limited to a new map for the car’s ECU.

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