May 22, 2024
Car Care Technology Tips

4 Maintenance Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Vehicle

Car maintenance is much more than a simple wash. Owners have to keep all parts like the brakes, tire, belts, hoses, spark plugs, and transmission in good shape. Further, you also have to ensure proper carbonation and oil checks. These can save the car from potential damages while keeping you safe. The US is one

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Miscellaneous Tips

Should You Buy Extended Warranties for Your Vehicle?

Extended warranties are one of the most common upsells in car sales. You’ve more than likely been pitched to buy one – whether it’s at the car dealership after purchase or one of those robocalls. At first mention, extended warranties sound like a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want to have extra coverage on their vehicle? Studies

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Other News Tips

4 Safety Tips to Remember Whenever You Get Behind the Wheel

A human is never more dangerous than when they get behind the steering wheel of a vehicle. While there are various ways to stay safe on the road, it’s always best to prepare in advance and remind yourself of some of the safety basics. Whether you want to avoid damaging your car or even just

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Mitsubishi will be cutting the price of the i-Miev

The economic climate may be recovering, slowly for most, rapidly for some but it’s effects haven’t worn off the population. In order to please the market which is getting an ever growing taste for electric vehicles but isn’t yet ready to let go of the price cuts, incentives and so on Mitsubishi have announced that

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2010 Ford Taurus named vehicle of 2010 International CES

Yes, 2010 Ford Taurus was officialy named the vehicle of 2010 International CES. This happened not long time ago, more exactly, yesterday. This show will be held  between 7 and 10 January next year (2010). Actually there are only few months left so stay tuned to our blog to read the latest news about 2010

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