May 30, 2024
Mercedes Supercars

Mercedes Granturismo is the upcoming… yacht

At the high end of the luxury market we often find car makers refer to their most aptly designed and fitted cars as road-going yachts. The idea of this much luxury sounds impressive but why not showcase just how good you can be with real yachts rather than simply associate some products with them. It’s

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Lamborghini Supercars

A Lamborghini and Fenice Milano yacht

I don’t really know what’s going on lately, but it seems that water going efforts are creeping into the world of carmakers. After we first saw a Mercedes boat and more recently a BMW one, we can now see a Lamborghini one that’s “equipped” by Fenice Milano.

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Ever fancy a BMW… yacht?

If you consider that BMW 760 Li you parked outside was a bit cheap, BMW’s American designers may have something that will seriously tackle your checking account. BMW Designworks USA is working on a 57 feet long cockpit motoryacht.

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