June 16, 2024

Tesla sought out by Daimler

Daimler - Tesla collaboration

It seems that despite the recent media uproar regarding the two Model S fires, Tesla is still on an ascending trend.

In a recent statement, Daimler official stated they are actively seeking a closer collaboration with the electric car manufacturer.

Daimler - Tesla collaboration
Daimler – Tesla collaboration

“I told my guys, go back to Tesla and look for other opportunities to work together” were the words of Daimler’s Bodo Uebber. It remains to be seen if this will actually happen, as Tesla has a habit of doing thinks its own way. While Daimler does posses a 4.3 percent stake in Tesla, this might not be enough for a decent leverage.

Right now, Tesla is supplying Daimler with electric motors and battery packs for models like the Smart ForTwo EV or the new Mercedes B Class Electric Drive. With the big car industry players shifting their attention to alternative fuel as a feasible way to go, companies like Tesla stand only to gain from the increased attention.

Daimler might have also been pushed to seek this out as a natural response to BMW’s recent i3 and i8 models launch and reveal, while Toyota invests into hydrogen fuel cell cars.

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