June 18, 2024
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What are the UKs most common road accidents?

Are you more likely to be involved in a car crash in you’re a man, or a woman? How about if you’re cruising in an Audi, or driving a Ford Fiesta? Car Accident solicitors analysed 25,000 of their incident reports and found some interesting results.

Boys will be… bad drivers?

70% of drivers who cause road accidents are male, according to this study; maybe once and for all putting to bed the rumours that it’s women who can’t drive. 59% of the victims in accidents were also male, but this number was more evenly split.

Age before beauty

30 year olds were found to be much more likely to cause an accident, which is interesting given that your car insurance goes down as you get older, with the assumption being that you will be more responsible. Maybe those high premiums are making the younger cohort of drivers more careful after all! Bad news for those in their 30s, you’re also more likely to be on the receiving end of a crash at 32.


What do you think of when you think of a July Friday? Probably not car accidents! We associate crashes with dreary and wet winter weather but actually, the study found that road accidents were much more likely to occur on Fridays and in July. Who knows, maybe it’s the summer sun? Although, probably not in Britain.

Ford Fiends

The car most likely to cause and be on the receiving end of a collision is the ever popular Ford Fiesta.

Number 2 on the list of most likely to be involved in causing an accident was the Mercedes Benz Sprinter whereas if you’re an Audi driver, bad news, you’re third down on the list of cars most likely to fall victim to a crash.

Rear-ly bad news

The most common type of crash was found to be being hit from the rear (). This accounted for 38% of collisions. Other common collision types were junction collisions, which accounted for 13%, and roundabout collisions which accounted for 6%.

North or South?

Bad news for those in the north, Halifax and Liverpool took the top two spots for having the most collisions in the study, with Coventry coming in third. Poole, way down south, was in 9th place and Waltham cross, also southerly, was number 10.

While we can have a bit of fun with the figures, car accidents are no laughing matter. A crash can leave its victims unable to work, facing costly real life consequences. If you do feel you were in an accident that wasn’t your fault, an experienced solicitor can help.

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