April 22, 2024
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VIDEO: All-new Ford Focus EV revealed on the road

The new Ford Focus EV, a zero-emission vehicle developed by the Americans from Ford got revealed recently at 2011 CES. The new model comes with a respectable 160 km driving range while under the bonnet the electric engine is able to develop 125 horsepower.

2012 Ford Focus EV
2012 Ford Focus EV

The electricity is stored in a 23 kWh lithium-ion battery which needs about 4 hours to recharge compeltely. Below, we can see the new EV model on the road but also we can see how the model gets recharged at a special charging point.

A nice application tells the driver some useful information such as the charging status, the charging points near you but also the money saved. Together with the charging process we can admire the ride of the model together with the new front grille which improves the drag coefficient, according to the press release issued by the Americans. In the presentation video the Americans added some interior shots too, together with an overview of the electric engine.

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