June 14, 2024
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Video: Golf I by BBM Motorsport Packs Monster Power

If you love old-fashioned Volkswagen cars like this legendary Golf I then you should be already heading to DMK Motoring and BBM Motorsport tuners, both specialized in customizing such iconic cars.

But this is no longer a little car, as it received an impressive power boost and other bits that make it a real beast. And quite sex-appealing I might add.

This monster on wheels here is producing a whopping 815 horsepower, all squeezed-out from a 2.0-liter 16V flat-four engine, all garnished with the Garrett GTX42 turbocharger, sending the power to an all-wheel-drive 4MOTION.

What makes it even more impressive, hot and a little bit aggressive, is the body style bits. The model was fitted with flared wheel arches, custom made exhaust system for a wilder engine roar, and of course, wide wheels for stronger personality.

Stepping inside, the cabin comes with a roll cage, the aftermarket specialists removing the rear seats for improved space and stability. The door panels are now lighter, while the steering wheel is now much sportier. The dashboard has been also improved, now coming with digital screens.

In case you were wondering how much the entire trouble costs, well, DMK Motoring is asking between $68,400 – $91,200, depending on the type of the customization you want for your Golf I. Some might find the pricing tags “a little bit too much,” but for a real Golf I fan, this might be just dust in the wind.

And since we haven’t got any photos to feast our eyes on, please enjoy the video below and fond out more about this tricked out Volkswagen Golf I!

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