April 12, 2024
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Video: Oettinger Is Now Offering Aero Packages for VW Golf GTI, GTD and R Models

In case you own a latest-generation of the Volkswagen Golf GTI, GTD or R, then you should know that you can upgrade each one of them with some fine aero packages courtesy of German tuner Oettinger, and available at the carmaker`s retailers.

In terms of pricing, the packages are available in the UK from £3,995 for the Golf GTI and GTD, while for the Golf R, the tuning company is asking as much as £5,225.

What is very interesting about the tuner`s aero packages is that they are not meant to increase the visuals of the models, yet they offer instead increase aerodynamics and improve performance. Not to mention that they are not too outstanding and don’t spoil the cars` appealing design.

So, the subtle makeovers at the exterior of the Golf GTI and GTD refer to a new front spoiler with custom splitter which increase their aerodynamics and are optimized in the wind tunnel to make sure that they are in accordance with the Volkswagen`s own politics concerning aerodynamics.

More than that, Oettinger`s packages also provide beefy side skirts to increase the aggressive looks of the models, along with new quad exhaust tips at the rear end which flank the new diffusers.

On the other hand, the Volkswagen R is also offered with a new exhaust system with new muffler which increases the car`s soundtrack, adding as well a new roof-mounted rear spoiler with open flaps. Otherwise, all three models remain stock concerning the performance under the hood. You can find out more in the video presentation below!

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