April 17, 2024
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Videos Showcase Volvo Self-Driving Truck in Sweden Mine

As you probably know, Volvo is one of the pioneers that have tested the autonomous driving technology on its model range, with the V90 or S90 being showcased in some videos while being self-driven, a couple of months ago.

Now, the Swedish carmaker is trying the autonomous system on its truck range, with two recent videos showcasing a massive truck being driven inside a Sweden mine. Volvo is trying to implement the system on its future trucks that will be aimed for underground operations.

The videos below highlight an autonomous FMX truck being tested 1000 meters underground, in the Boliden mine in Kristineberg, Sweeden, where it will become operational, starting this autumn. Three more trucks will join the FMX.

For this testing and for the future models that will use the system, the company equipped the truck with a radar, laser-based sensors which collect the information in the area, allowing as well multiple tasks like navigating the mine while manipulating the steering wheel, brake or speed. The system will also automatically stop the vehicle if an obstacle appears nearby.

Claes Nilsson, President Volvo Truck has recently declared in a report that it is important for the Swedish carmaker to develop the system on their trucks, as they could easily reach underground areas otherwise dangerous for a truck driver.

“Through our cooperation with Boliden, the development of autonomous vehicles is entering an exciting new phase. This is the first time ever that self-driving trucks are being tested in regular operations underground, and the results will provide valuable input to our ongoing mission to transform technical breakthroughs into practical customer benefits”, Nillson also stated.

According to same Volvo representatives, AB Volvo and Volvo Cars are two distinct branches, the first one dealing with implementing the self-driving technology on its “big rig” segment, while the latter already experimenting the system on a wide range of Volvo models.

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