June 15, 2024
Featured Hyundai Videos

Test Drive: MotorWeek Takes New 2019 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Out for a Quick Spin

Among Hyundai`s top notch models, the Veloster is considered the best one, as it comes with advanced aerodynamics and quite impressive performance under the hood. It is rather a small hatch with incredible speed and worthy sprint. However, there is also the Turbo and the N variant with more power than the standard one. The

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Videos Volvo

UK: 2019 Volvo V60 T6 Highlighted in Video, Full Prices Released

The newly-presented 2019 V60 T6 model from Volvo has been recently announced in the United Kingdom in an official video, the carmaker also releasing full prices as well. The cheapest variant is the D3 Momentum with a £31,180 price tag and power standing at 150 HP and 320 Nm of torque. However, you can also

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Lexus Videos

Teaser Video and Official Photos of the 2019 Lexus ES Are Here

Toyota`s luxury subsidiary Lexus has recently released a teaser video and some official photos of its newest “kid on the block”, which is the long-awaited 2019 ES luxury saloon, an exceptional car with advanced aerodynamics and technology at its best. What we know so far about the car`s design language is that the new 2019

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Ford Muscle Cars Videos

Video: Ford Launches Limited-Run 2018 Mustang Cobra Jet with Coyote V8 Pot

With Mustang turning 50 years of successful existence on the market, Ford manufacturer decided to mark the event by launching a special and a limited-run edition called 2019 Mustang Cobra Jet. This comes shortly after the carmaker announced the introduction of the new Mustang to NASCAR tracks next year. The North-American car builder has also

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Jeep Videos

Video: Consumer Reports Reviews 2018 Jeep Wrangler

American-based magazine Consumer Reports is well-known for its fare reviews and comparisons based on thorough researches, and every time it manages to come up with a simple yet realistic review on a certain car model, we should take it for granted. This time, the American magazine has turned its attention towards the iconic Jeep Wrangler

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Featured Videos

Video Highlight: 2019 Ford Fusion Gains Co-Pilot as Standard

If you are looking for a car that almost drives itself in different situations than our GO would be for the all-new 2019 Ford Fusion, which is a completely new car from a technological point of view. It is now equipped with Co-Pilot technology which comprises a suite of driver-assist technologies with semi-autonomous capabilities. The

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Lincoln Videos

Teaser Video: Lincoln Aviator Concept Previewed ahead NY Auto Show

With the 2018 New York Auto Show kicking off towards the end of March, a lot of high-end carmakers are fully-prepping their latest models and concepts. From Lincoln comes the new Aviator concept, now revealed in the teaser video below. Arriving in New York starting with March 28th, Lincoln`s new Aviator concept is a new

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Featured Mercedes Videos

Video: 2019 Mercedes-Maybach Pullman – Exterior & Interior Explained

Even if the Maybach series from Daimler is nothing more than a luxurious interpretation of the S-Class, they do offer a different kind of view in terms of aesthetics and fine-taste, being specially created for those who want to explore rich life at its highest level. However, if you take a Maybach and stretch it

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Featured Videos VW

US: 2018 Volkswagen Beetle Kicks Off from $20,220

With a dramatic history behind that starts with 1932 and plenty of ups and downs throughout its existence, the iconic Volkswagen Beetle has survived the test of time and is now enjoying an increased popularity all over the world, especially with the recently introduced 2018 model in the United States. The car`s evolutionary design language

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Featured Tesla Videos

Videos: 2020 Tesla Roadster Costs $200K, Runs from Standstill to 100 km/h in Staggering 1.9 Seconds

Tesla Motors Company from North America is well-known for its technological innovations in the auto-industry; it is practically the only carmaker with no direct opponents in the electric and plug-in hybrid segments. It is no match not even for BMW, which is desperately trying to keep up the pace. And right now, Tesla has done

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Honda Videos

Videos: Honda Details 2018 Accord 2.0T – MSRP also Announced

After announcing the arrival of the 2018 Clarity Electric and Plug-in Hybrid in the United States starting with December 1st, the Japanese carmaker has also released the first details of the all-new 2018 Accord 2.0.T. The news also come after first detailing the 1.5-liter variant. The gorgeous 2018 Honda Accord 2.0T can be had in

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Featured Videos VW

Videos: 2018 VW T-Roc SUV in UK – Prices Start at £20,425

After releasing the details and prices of the all-new 2018 Polo, the German Group has also announced the arrival of the new Volkswagen T-Roc SUV in the United Kingdom. The 2018 Volkswagen T-Roc SUV can be best observed and admire in its plenitude in the two videos below, the first one highlighting the exterior, and

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Audi Featured Videos

Official Videos: This Is the All-New 2018 Audi A8

Audi has recently released the all-new 2018 Audi A8 in a series of videos which highlight the car`s most impressive design and interior features, an extremely luxurious sedan that poses a real threat to BMW`s 7-Series or Mercedes-Benz`s new S-Class. The model comes with a worthy price as well, once it will arrive on the

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Mercedes Videos

Europe: 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class – Full Prices Announced

The long-rumored and previewed 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class in both the short and long forms, has recently popped-up on the web in official videos which highlight its exterior and interior details. All variants have also been announced in prices. The S-Class range will be available in Europe starting this July, with prices to start from 88,446.75

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Fiat Videos

Video: This Is the Brand-new Family Car 2018 Fiat 500L

The 500 Series from Fiat has been a real hit in the last couple of years, the Italian carmaker reviving the lineup with impressive styling and interior characteristics, designed to suit the needs of average people or fancy businessmen. Now, Fiat`s latest edition as the perfect family car is the all-new 2018 500L, also presented

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Renault Videos

Video Highlights All-New Renault TRAFIC SpaceClass

Cannes Film Festival was a strange yet the perfect opportunity for Renault to unveil its latest van, the all-new TRAFIC SpaceClass, an exquisite model which can be highlighted in the video below. We usually associate special events with unveiling special and exotic supercars, but Renault took advantage of the famous film festival and revealed one

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Mercedes Tuning Videos

Video: Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe by Prior Design Doesn’t Look Decent at All

Initially oriented towards interior customizations, the German folks from Prior Design shop have taken the tuning segment by storm by releasing plenty of programs lately, which involve impressive aero kits, transforming average cars into masterpieces. And we have seen plenty of models receiving exquisite body style programs which have been also presented at different auto

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Featured Honda Videos

New Lap Record on the Ring: 2017 Honda Civic Type R with FWD

You can drive a front-wheel drive with massive horsepower and torque; that would be in vain if you don’t have a ride tweaked with advanced mechanics and aerodynamics. And one of those special sports cars currently on the market is the all-new 2017 Honda Civic Type-R, recently completing the Ring in a lap record. There

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Featured McLaren Videos

Video: 2018 McLaren 720S Prepares for World Debut

Officially unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in a big round of applauses, the ultimate Super Series sports cars, the all-new 2018 McLaren 720S, is gearing up for its world debut, the model already arriving in its main dealerships across the United States. First arriving at the McLaren`s most important showroom in Newport Beach,

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Featured Renault Videos

Teaser Video: 2017 Renault Megane R.S.

Renault carmaker has regained the respect of its fans worldwide by launching an exclusive model lineup with powerful and beautiful cars which can now compete against the top notch models from other car manufacturers. As a tribute to one million fans on Facebook, the French carmaker is planning to release a gorgeous yet more powerful

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