June 16, 2024
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Tesla Cybetruck Unveiled in Full Specs and Prices – Will It Make It to UK?

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The Highly Anticipated Arrival

After a four-year wait, Tesla has finally delivered the Cybertruck to its initial set of customers. This distinctive electric pickup truck, with its stainless steel body left unpainted, has generated both excitement and controversy. Priced at $61,000 (£48,000) in North America to start with, the Cybertruck promises a driving experience. Let’s dive into the details from its design to the cutting-edge technology it offers and explore its availability in the UK.

Exterior Marvel – The Boldness of Stainless Steel

Staying true to its concept, the Cybertruck`s exterior embodies Tesla’s design philosophy. Its angular stainless steel body is unlike anything ever seen in the world. The bodywork is bulletproof and lacks curves while also featuring armored glass – all contributing to the truck’s futuristic and sturdy appearance. While opinions on its aesthetics may vary, there is no denying that the Cybertruck design is truly unique and disruptive.

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Performance – Unleashing the Mighty Cyberbeast and Other Cheaper Trims

Beneath its exterior lies a powerhouse of performance options. The base model comes equipped with ‘All Wheel Drive’ technology. It offers a 340-mile range along with 600bhp output. This three-ton beast can go from 0 to 60mph in 4.1 seconds and boasts a remarkable towing capacity of 4,990kg, in the US.

Tesla’s upcoming release in 2025 brings news for budget consumers with the introduction of a more affordable single-motor Cybertruck. This version offers a range of 250 miles and can go from 0 to 60mph in 6.5 seconds.

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The fastest variant, however, is called the “Cyberbeast” which truly stands out with its power; boasting three electric motors that generate an astonishing 845bhp, this speed demon can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 2.6 seconds while maintaining a range of 320 miles. In a thrilling display of its capabilities the Cyberbeast even outpaced a Porsche 911 in a drag race while towing another 911 on a trailer.

Interior with Massive Passenger-Dedicated Displays

Stepping inside the Cybertruck, the interior reveals innovation and modernity. A prominent feature is its display measuring an impressive size of 18.5 inches, which takes center stage in the cabin. Additionally, there is also a screen dedicated to passengers’ convenience. The interior boasts natural lighting thanks to its glass roof design and Tesla’s dedication to passenger well-being. The car also features a high-end air conditioning system that includes a ‘Bioweapon defense’ mode.

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Prices – Spicy or Not?

When it comes to pricing and availability, it’s important to navigate the numbers. While Tesla initially promised a starting price of $40,000, for the Cybertruck there have been adjustments since then. Currently, the entry-level Cybertruck starts at $60,990 (£48,000) in the US market. The ‘All Wheel Drive’ model comes with a price tag of $79,990 (£63,000) while those seeking top-tier performance can expect to pay $99,990 (£79,000) for the Cyberbeast.

The pricing strategy positions the Cybertruck as a end electric pickup truck targeting those who desire technology and exceptional performance.

Uncertainty Surrounds UK Release

While the Cybertruck is now being delivered in the US, its availability in the UK is still unclear. Although the Tesla`s UK website showcases the model there, there is currently no option to place orders. The speculation among enthusiasts regarding when they can expect to see the Cybertruck on UK roads continues to grow.

Pushing Boundaries with Range and Charging – Additional Information

Initially promised with a 500-mile range Tesla has slightly adjusted it for the dual motor Cybertruck offering up to 340 miles. However, opting for a range extender can push this figure beyond 470 miles. The tri-motor Cyberbeast sees a decrease in range to 320 miles but can also benefit from the range extender, thus surpassing 440 miles. Rapid charging is made possible through Tesla`s 250kW superchargers, which add 128 miles of range in 15 minutes.

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Final Thoughts – Embracing the Future

With the Tesla Cybertruck finally hitting the streets, it signifies a shift in the industry. Beyond its design, the Cybertruck exemplifies Tesla’s dedication to pushing boundaries in electric vehicle technology. The combination of power, innovation, and controversy captures the essence of Tesla’s venture into the truck market. The unanswered question about when it will arrive in the UK adds a layer of intrigue keeping enthusiasts and critics alike on their toes. The Cybertruck has not only arrived but it has unleashed an era of electric mobility.

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