May 29, 2024
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WestCarsLondon Scammers Avoid Them Review

Beware of this frivolous company! I will explain the incident the Automotorblog team experienced with this company in the following words.

We were contacted by this company to offer them some online promotion services, but this company not only stopped responding to our emails but also stopped answering our phone calls.

We delivered the desired services, but our team used up their time and later, this company, WestCarsLondon (Website:, cut off any means of communication after the services were delivered.

West Cars London Scammers

Be careful if you want to work with them and do not accept to offer them any service before they pay for the services they want.

The healthiest thing to do is to avoid this company if you don’t want to be scammed like us. This company buys good reviews on websites. They are scammers.

We will publish more reviews on other websites in the automotive niche so that other potential partners do not fall into the trap of this non-serious company, which is based on scams and always buys positive reviews.

Beware of WestCarsLondon! WESTCARS LONDON = SCAM

Choose other taxi transfer companies, but never work with to avoid any scams later.

This review was based on our experience with them.

All the best!

WestCarsLondon Scammers Avoid Them Review

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