Brooklands Edition Morgan Roadster and 3 Wheeler

If you enjoy outlandish vehicles, then you must be familiar with the Morgan, a manufacturer that still uses wood for their cars’ body panels. Recently, Morgan announced a Brooklands Special Edition for two of their models: the Morgan Roadster and the 3 Wheeler. For both the models, a nice Jaguar Brooklands green paint was chosen, [...]

Morgan EvaGT gets delayed

The British at Morgan are pretty much the most conservative car maker you can find around the modern automotive world so the world is about to be shaken. This is because they’ve announced quite some time ago a chance at a new model and it seems like they’ll actually be making the EvaGT. The only [...]

Morgan celebrate a century of existence with a three wheeler

With nothing short of a miracle the only British car maker to survive without being bought by a massive car company from another country Morgan is getting ready to celebrate a hundred years of existence. That’s a lot no matter which way you look at it so the family owned company will celebrate by rejuvenating [...]

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