Lexus LS becomes the 650 Concept by TMG Sports

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TMG Sports Lexus LS 650

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Those who think this is natural and keep cracking jokes at Lexus copying various German car makers need to understand that there is a major difference.

Much like Jaguar, Lexus have their own understanding of luxury and it is part of what’s bringing them so much attention.

TMG Sports Lexus LS 650

TMG Sports Lexus LS 650

TMG Sport’s decision to give it more power isn’t spoiled by that. How could pushing for 650 horsepower from the car’s twin-turbo 5 liter V8 be a problem?

What dents the appeal of this vehicle is actually the decision to give the added power some supporting mods. That is to blame.

They went on to fit a new aerodynamic body kit. Apart from looking clumsy with its carbon fiber cladding, aggressive lips and skirts, they create extra drag.

TMG Sports Lexus LS 650

TMG Sports Lexus LS 650

It is a trade-off for the stability needed when running at higher speeds than usual. That, combined with new wheels and sportier tires make for better high speed handling.

All very useful on a hot hatch or perhaps a high end BMW but simply nothing but noisy on a luxury limousine like this.

TMG Sports will unveil the Lexus LS 650 Concept at the Essen Motor Show next month.