McLaren P1 production model to be very familiar

McLaren aren’t doing poorly when it comes to fame, fan base, victories under their F1 belt as well quite the buzz going around the upcoming road cars they’re working on.

Speaking of which, the next in line to be properly unveiled is the flagship model they plan to call the P1. In some F1 experience they hope it will also be sitting in at number one.

Mclaren P1 Concept

Mclaren P1 Concept

It will come wit quite the chance at becoming top dog this year but when it comes to the looks it’s once again an unimpressive presentation.

There’s a lot of pretty cars out there, ranging from mid-engined Italian rivals to small Korean hatchbacks but the McLaren top vehicle is not one of them.

So far we’ve only seen it in concept state, so there’s still a chance it gets the needed tweaks for it to start looking that much better.

Mclaren P1 Concept

Mclaren P1 Concept

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. McLaren have come forward to say that the actual production version of the car will be almost identical to the concept.

Since the British are running a company that’s all about the numbers and precision, they say it will be 97% identical to the McLaren.

All this information comes in through the voice of the company pending a private unveiling of the actual vehicle at a special event in New York.

Mclaren P1 Concept

Mclaren P1 Concept

The remaining 3 percent will be related to some of the vents and to efforts dedicated towards improved cooling. The new airflow will actually create the opportunity for more downforce.