2015 Honda Fit will get more versions

While we’re all dreaming of Bugatti Veyron convertibles and all sorts of luxury manufacturers are fighting for sales, Honda is the company to keep things real. Few might now it but Honda is truly special among Japanese car makers since their origin and history is not a clinical, corporate affair. The practice it cheers on [...]

Honda expects Fit sales to hit the roof

Honda’s ambitions seem to be a lot higher since they’ve announced great progress to have been made with the production of their dream. The HondaJet is all nice and fascinating when it comes to the way rich folk will travel in the future but when it comes to us, things are less vertical. Stuff like [...]

2013 Honda Fit EV unveiled and “priced”

Not that long after unveiling the regular version of the Honda Fit, the Japanese have come to LA with a special version of the little hatchback. As often the the way nowadays, the special version of the hatchback, is electric and entitled the 2013 Honda fit EV. Adding in the final bonus sees the Los [...]

New brochure shows us a possible Honda Fit Station Wagon

Frankly, I’m still amazed this can happen but, there you go. Sometimes, info on a new car turns up in print before it does so on the Internet. What we’re faced with is a brochure from Japan, telling the story of a new body shape for the Honda Fit, a new station wagon like body [...]

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