Spyker ‘s assets up for grabs

The history of Spyker is, unfortunately, not a very long one, and also quite filled with misfortune, as it seemed that every other recent news feed about them indicated some sort of financial problem. Now, the Spyker name is down, and a recent bit of info indicates that a lot of its assets are being [...]

Spyker B6 Venator Spyder concept unveiled

Spyker officially presented at the new B6 Venator Spyder concept at Pebble Beach today, a prototype which could become a production model later next year. At the exterior, the open-top model comes with carbon fiber bumpers, 19-inch alloy wheels, a special finish, LED headlights and leather fairings. Inside, you will find leather upholstery, aluminum trim, [...]

Spyker B6 concept warms its tires for Geneva

Spyker officially unveiled the B6 concept, a sports car scheduled to hit the stage at the Geneva Motor Show this March. This new prototype is designed to preview an upcoming production car which will benefit from a starting price of around $160,000. Under the hood, the new Spyker B6 concept uses a V6 powerplant capable [...]

Saab may be saved by China’s Pang Da

Remember Saab, that charming Swedish company that had been struggling for a while and had us worried just a couple of days ago? Saab’s future is still uncertain, but the Chinese may still come to their rescue yet. The Saab saving optimist in question this time is a company called Pang Da. Even though it [...]

Saab’s future once again uncertain

The Swedish at Volvo got the ultimate wake up call and in the end they made their comeback. Sadly, not the same can be said of their co-nationals at Saab. Saab’s ability to handle their products, selling them and eventually making a profit isn’t likely to be used for examples in business colleges around the [...]

Spyker are cooking up a ZR1 powered limited edition

If you were tired about hearing from Saab about their products, facilities and so on perhaps you’d like to hear about something more excited from the Swedish company’s owners. The folks at Spyker reckon that 2011 calls for a change and the one they have in mind is of very special quality.

Troubled times for the Swedish at Saab

Saab is one of the tradition brands that has been struggling for a while and one which barely survived the financial crisis. After having dodged a bullet in being bought by Spyker the Swedish are trying to avoid another one.

Spyker celebratory watches now available

Spyker, the Dutch supercar manufacturer that came back from the dead not that long ago seems to be pretty pleased about itself. The little manufacturer made its point and proved that they are more than small when they acquired Swedish car maker Saab from the Americans at GM who were in troubled times.

The 2006 Spyker C8 Spyder Up For Grabs at Monterey Auction

A good piece of news for car enthusiasts willing to spend some money on a limited edition model. It seems that RM Auctions is going to put a 2006 Spyker C8 Spyder up for grabs from the Dutch car manufacturer. The auction is scheduled to take place at Monterey next Friday and surely will bring [...]

Saab in discussion with BMW on 9-2 compact

The Swedish at Saab and their Dutch owners at Spyker have been looking for a partner to aid production of a modern Saab 92 and we now have a potential partner for the affair. The partners in question are the Bavarians from BMW.

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