Toyota Prius hybrid goes Campinn

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Toyota Prius by Campinn How To Play The Stock Market For Dummies

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This is something the presenters of the British show attempted just two seasons ago and though it didn’t revolutionize the industry everybody got some laughs out of it.

Getting back to the Campinn Toyota Prius, it is a rather weird thing for a number of reasons. The fact that it’s an economy car without any aerodynamic properties left on it is just one of them.

Toyota Prius by Campinn

Toyota Prius by Campinn

Most important dimension changes see the Toyota Prius hybrid by Campinn at 4.980 mm in length and 2.050 mm in height.

Officially we don’t know how, but it’s obvious that the Cx figure will suffer considerably and the highway fuel economy should drop by quite the amount.

The other would be how it was introduced at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon and now exists as a concept and yet the company that created it is already taking orders for the eventual production version.

Toyota Prius by Campinn

Toyota Prius by Campinn

On the brighter side, four people can now really kick it in the Toyota Prius and there’s even a second floor in the room above the roof.


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