April 11, 2024

2011 Mercedes A Class goes to China

2010 Mercedes A Class

This bit of news may not seem so new but bare with me. Mercedes Benz has decided to send its baby A Class over to China.

2010 Mercedes A Class
2010 Mercedes A Class

The A Class’ introduction to the Chinese market is part of a very ambitious plan the Germans have for themselves.

Starting next year the 2011 Mercedes A Class will be available in China in pretty much all of its variants.

With prices ranging from 238.000 yuan which is the equivalent of $35,800 and up to 278.000 yuan Mercedes aim the 2011 A Class at younger buyers which are interested in some image.

The entry level price is applied to the three-door 2011 Mercedes A 160 in three door guise and the most expensive one is the 2011 Mercedes A 180 which will hook you up with five doors.

Apart from introducing the A Class to China, Mercedes are also saying the Smart should hit the People’s Republic with quite a bang.

Daimler AG’s angle on the introduction of the 2011 Mercedes A Class (and the Smart) is a run for increased sales.

The figures at the moment for 2010 show that Mercedes shifted 101.300 cars which amounts to a 130% increase over last year. Apparently that’s not enough for the sales ambitions.

The Mercedes sales plan calls for 120.000 units by the end of the year (given the original 100.000 target has been passed already) and if we consider the 2015 terms Mercedes plans to get a 300% increase.

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