May 18, 2024
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2016 Paris Motor Show: Lexus UX SUV Has Landed

In terms of advanced driving capabilities and aerodynamics, Lexus is perhaps one of the handful of carmakers to present futuristic concepts and models, and one of its high-end model to preview an upcoming production version is no other than the UX Concept.

The Lexus UX SUV is based on the company`s new philosophy concerning futuristic styling and design and leads the way to a whole new era of high-end SUVs.

We are actually dealing here with a compact crossover with body styling elements of a genuine off-road model, with muscles of a real SUV, highlighted by the new traditional and wide spindle grille, which is part of the car`s new “Inside-Out” approach, as the company like to call it.

This means that the car`s exterior is in a perfect harmony with the interior, which is divided in two areas: the front coming with a lot of high-tech gizmo at the driver`s disposal, while the second one, back at the rear, is focused on the passengers` comfort, welcoming them with a soft-lounge sofa, wrapped around the rear suicide doors.

Also, the front seats are a genuine concept unveiled a few days ago, being called Kinetic Seats, while the A-pillars make the transition from the interior towards outside. The dashboard is also coming with a 3D feel and look, while the infotainment screen is mounted on an upper level, with the controls being close and at the driver`s disposal.

There are yet many things to say about the all-new Lexus UX SUV, but for the moment, the full details list is rather limited, especially under the hood, where the model is said to come with an upgraded engine of the one found underneath the CT 200h.

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