June 15, 2024
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8 Reasons Why Seat Protectors are Safe for Use and Important in Your Car

Car seats deserve the best level of care you can afford to give at all times. After all, you’ll come in contact with your car’s seats than any other part of the vehicle.

But how best can you protect your car seats’ upholstery from wear and tear? And most importantly, are car seat protectors safe to use?

You sure have many questions on seat protectors that need the correct answers. It’s essential to find answers to all your questions to ensure added safety and more value from a seat protector.

That’s why this review focuses on the major reasons why car seat protectors will be a great addition to your car. Answers in this guide shed more light on why you need to make seat protectors part of your vehicle today.

Are Car Seat Protectors Safe?

Car Seat Protector Mat Hexy One 2

Most car owners want to know if seat protectors are worth the hype. There’s no better way to find out if seat protectors are worth your money than to check out their safety potential.

Check out four major reasons below to be sure about getting seat protectors on your car’s upholstery.   

Designed with safe materials

High-quality car seat protectors are designed with polyurethane (PU) leather. is safe and isn’t made with any dangerous chemicals.

Most seat protectors made of PU leather are vegan, and no animal products are used in making these accessories.

You won’t have to worry about placing a toddler on a high-quality PU leather car seat, too. Several safe, high-quality seat protectors are non-toxic and pose no risk to your little ones.

Durable fasteners

Seat protectors with superior quality don’t feature plastic fasteners, as these are pretty easy to break. Long-lasting are fitted with metal fasteners to avoid easy damage.

With such high-quality fasteners, it’s easy to maximize fitting on your car seat and avoid repeat purchases.

Such quality sets are easy to install, too, and you could be through with a complete set’s installation within minutes.

Special fold holes

Several inferior aftermarket seat protectors may not provide room to support easy seat belt strapping.

But top seat protectors are usually way ahead of the trend to provide massive support for easy seat belt use. Some quality seat protectors feature special fold holes to make it easy to use your seat belts at any time.

Such a feature hinges on safety, making it easy for car users to prevent mishaps with relative ease.


Many inferior aftermarket seat covers become available on the market with little to no accurate testing. But few car accessories currently buck that trend, as some now receive extensive crash-tested before being put on sale.

Several car seat accessories like , are designed to meet 49 U.S.C. 30118-30121 and FMVSS 213 requirements.

These accessories possess an ergonomic design that doesn’t interfere with your car’s safety belts. Such innovative designs make it easy to strap safety gear on while in your vehicle correctly.


The best car seat protectors should have non-slip fabric on both sides of their surface to prevent slips. Ergonomically-designed seat protectors should keep drivers and passengers safe, even after a hard stop.

And some car owners might wonder if seat protectors made from leather can be slip-proof. Yes, they can.

Several high-quality seat protectors come with cutting-edge designs that prevent slipping, even when placed on leather upholstery.

Why are Seat Protectors Important?

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Besides boosting safety in your car, seat protectors offer lots more to you and anyone in your vehicle with

Added comfort

High-quality seat protectors are designed with materials created to boost your comfort. Foam padding added to many seat protectors makes a ride in your car more relaxing than regular upholstery.

Universal fit

Quality car seat protectors are perfect for most vehicles, so you don’t need to search for too long. You can easily tweak top seat protectors to suit your vehicle in a matter of moments. It’s easy to install these protectors, even if use your car has standard harness or latch buckles.  

Better maintenance potential

Guaranteeing proper care for your vehicle’s upholstery might be difficult without high-quality seat protectors. The right seat protector helps prevents scuffs, dirt, and dirt from getting to your car upholstery.

When these special guards are fitted, you can easily engage proper maintenance of your car upholstery.

And that’s not all!

Car seat protectors help extend the life of your car upholstery with a water-resistant composition. You can trust the waterproof rating of quality protectors to help keep your seat’s upholstery in great shape.

Quality car seat protectors are easy to wash, and dirt cleans off their surfaces quickly. All you need is a piece of damp cloth to take off captured dirt, grime, stains, and more in a flash.  

Why Choose Owleys Seat Protectors?

Car Seat Protector Mat Hexy One 1

Dozens of products from Owleys are designed to help motorists and their passengers travel with added safety and comfort. Every product from this accessories company goes through extensive testing to meet your needs.

And when it comes to top-notch seat protectors, Owleys offers massive support for safe travel with ergonomic, easy-to-install designs.

Owleys seat protectors offer all outstanding features you seek and a whole lot more. All designs are focused on boosting maintenance for your vehicle’s upholstery while guaranteeing your safety.

Very few seat protectors come as crash-tested and subject to safety standards, but Owleys offers these and lots more.

You won’t have to worry about your kids’ safety when you place these seat protectors in your car. Placing your kids’ car seat on these protectors prevents any sudden movements.

The bottom layer of Owleys seat protectors is designed with non-slip material to keep your baby in place.

These features and so much more make Owleys seat protectors a safe, easy-to-use addition to your vehicle.

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  • Pete January 17, 2022

    Having to deal with stained car seats is the main reason why I always have a seat protector. My previous car had some of the dirtiest most stained seats in the world and I learned my lesson when I was selling it.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

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